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March 7, 2017
Affordable Whole Life Guarantees
Sales Strategy

Affordable Whole Life Guarantees Sales Strategy Guarantees are what whole life insurance is all about. Add a level term rider, and you can offer an affordable alternative to secondary guarantee universal life.

What If You Could Knock Out Three Birds With One Stone?
The Guarantee Plus GUL II, can help with life insurance, chronic illness coverage and retirement income. The 10-10-10 Plan!

A Powerful Combo For Clients' Retirement Strategy
It's all about balancing risks with growth potential. Help reduce portfolio market risk with the Power Series of Index Annuities and add steady growth potential with the ML Strategic Balanced Index

AIG Partners eStation Update: Improved Security and
Simplified Login

AIG is updating the eStation producer portal to make it easier to login and improve the security of the platform. Beginning February 24, the eStation website will prompt you to go through a brief registration process to use your email address to login to the site.

AIG Partners iGO e-Apply Gets a Sleek New
User-Friendly Design

The next-generation user interface is here for the iGO eApply straight-through application! The new design, which will launch February 24, will feature improved navigation and responsiveness across all major web browsers.

Carrier Rewards Programs:

Carrier Incentives: Travel the World With Cenco!

AIG Partners Webinars
AIG Partners Group frequently host product training and sales concept webinars every week for their producers. All webinars are complimentary and recorded for future viewing in Career Campus located within eStation. Join the webinar on "Key Person Insurance" on March 8th at 12:00 PST.

DI Tip Of The Week
Part Time Employees
Almost every company requires that a client be working at least 30 hours a week in order to be considered for DI coverage. Principal now will actually consider someone who is only working 20 hours or more! This opens up a large segment of people that have not been able to get coverage in the past, a new mother, doctor, a person trying to get a foothold in their career field or even a part-time worker who just doesn't want to work full time.


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