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April 11, 2017
Potentially Increase Future Social Security Benefits With A Certain Period American Pathway Immediate Annuity Income Strategy

Your client could gain up to 32% more in Social Security benefits later AND maintain the retirement lifestyle they want now. Consider deferring Social Security benefits until maximum retirement age and use a certain period single premium immediate annuity to bridge the income gap.

Quoting Is A Slam Dunk with AIG's Rapid Rater
Rapid Rater is a fast and convenient tool to speed-up the quoting process. Make the sales process easier for you and your customers with an instant quote.

QoL Flex Term Gets Even Better - AIGPG Just Added The QoL Advantage Program!
The QoL Flex Term story gets even better - you can now offer your clients the benefit of bundling discounts with the QoL Advantage Program. This program provides policy fee and banding discounts on term policies.

Help Get Your Cases Approved And Your Commissions
Paid Faster!

AIG Partners is now offering non-medical underwriting on QoL Max Accumulator+! For policies that fall within guidelines and are submitted through iGo eApplication, you can now provide non-medical underwriting, resulting in a fast and convenient path from submission to approval. And if the policy is not conditionally issued within 5 days, they will pay the writing agent $100!

Carrier Rewards Programs:

Carrier Incentives: Travel the World With Cenco!

AIG Partners Webinars
AIG Partners Group frequently host product training and sales concept webinars every week for their producers. All webinars are complimentary and recorded for future viewing in Career Campus located within eStation. Join the webinar on "Executive Bonus" on April 12th at 12:00 PST.

DI Tip Of The Week
Tax Time! It's The Best Time to Ask Your Clients About Their
Disability Insurance!
April is the best time of year to ask your clients about their disability insurance. Most people are working on their tax returns and already thinking about their income. What would happen if your client lost their ability to earn income? How much disability insurance do they own? Does your client have disability insurance at work? We have individual disability insurance for almost every occupation imaginable. From blue collar, part time workers, to physicians we have a solution for your client. Request a quote today!


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