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September 5, 2018
September Is Life Insurance Awareness Month!

Almost half of Americans can’t explain what a life insurance premium is. But AIG Partners can help you get your clients up to speed with videos, infographics, social medical posts, flyers and so much more. Visit the 2018 Life Insurance Awareness Month website.

Equip Your Client With The Right Strategy to Fuel IUL Success!
Helping clients select their ideal index interest crediting strategy may seem a little daunting. Read through this new flyer to help pair the right client with a matching strategy based on historical market performance.

Global Atlantic's Newly-Strengthened Fixed Index Annuity Lineup!
Global Atlantic (Forethought) now offers three newly-strengthened fixed index annuities - Income 150+ SE, Choice Income II and Choice Accumulation II. They may be the MVPs of your clients' game plans and the strongest players in your lineup. See more...

Communications With AIG Partners New Business - Your Guide For Who and When to Contact
Use PG2@aglife.com when sending any pending requirements or inquiring about a case prior to the underwriting decision. Use PG2DeliveryReqs@aglife.com when sending requirements that are needed for an approved case to be conditionally issued or placed inforce. See more...

Did You Know...
AIG Partners is committed to being the carrier of choice for their distribution partners. To reach that lofty status, they are embarking on an exciting journey, The Quest For Best! From improving case processing speed to helping you expand your business, they intend to provide you with the BEST overall experience in the industry. See more...

Carrier Rewards Programs:

Carrier Incentives: Travel the World With Cenco!

AIG Partners Webinars
AIG Partners Group frequently host product training and sales concept webinars every week for their producers. All webinars are complimentary and recorded for future viewing in AIG Campus (formerly Career Campus) located within eStation. Join the webinar on “Power Up With IUL” on September 12th at 12:00 PST.

DI Tip Of The Week
Individual vs. Group DI Insurance
Most group disability coverage provides only a percentage of basic earnings, usually 60%, and is capped. It excludes potential bonuses or commissions. Additionally, benefits from employer-paid group coverage are taxable upon receipt. That would leave your client with just 45% (or less) of their income. An individual disability income policy can significantly improve the income replacement gap.

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