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January 29, 2019
Winning A Rated Case With Accordia's Wellness For Life!

With Wellness for Life Rewards, see how a Table 4 client can get to a point where their premium is lower than a client who was Standard or Preferred at issue and didn't choose Wellness for Life.

Value of Living Benefits on All AIG Partners Quality Of Life Insurance Products
These accelerated benefit riders help cover cost of care for chronic, critical, or terminal illness. They provide peace of mind during a difficult time and help maintain quality of life. See how they compare with other insurer's accelerated benefit riders.

Accelerated Access Solution: Is Your Client Worried About Protecting Their Assets From Rising Health Care Expenses?
By adding the Accelerated Access Solution rider to a QoL Guarantee Plus GUL II, QoL Value+ Protector or QoL Max Accumulator+ policy, clients can access income tax-free death benefits if diagnosed with a chronic illness. See more...

New Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Rider For IUL
Effective December 14, 2018, the DCA rider option is included, at no additional cost to clients, on any new QoL Max Accumulator+ and QoL Value+ Protector policies. See how it works.

Accordia's Wellness For Life Is Now Free!
Accordia's New Year's resolution is to bring Wellness For Life to as many people as possible so they have eliminated the charge for this pioneering rider.

Help your clients boost their policy values with Wellness for Life Rewards. Visit their Wellness for Life agent page to learn more and access everything you need to bring Wellness to your clients.

Lifetime Foundation ELITE: A Product For All Of Life's Seasons
The Lifetime Foundation ELITE provides a death benefit guarantee to a reasonable life expectancy. It is a simple, affordable and secure solution to many clients' needs. See more...

Carrier Rewards Programs:

Carrier Incentives: Travel the World With Cenco!

AIG Partners Webinars
AIG Partners Group frequently host product training and sales concept webinars every week for their producers. All webinars are complimentary and recorded for future viewing in AIG Campus (formerly Career Campus) located within eStation. Stay tuned for February's webinars!

DI Tip Of The Week
Are Your Clients' IDI Policies Keeping Pace With Their Life Stages?
If they are not, your clients could be susceptible to gaps in income or lower payments, should they need to use their individual disability insurance benefits. As part of your ongoing counsel, it's important to check in with clients to ensure their policy reflects their current life stage.

  • Conduct a benefits checkup. Use this time to ask more probing questions about what's happened since you last met. That recent job change may improve their occupation class and affect their disability premium.
  • Working with the carrier to understand their options as their career develops is a good thing to check on, as well. Adjustments to a policy can mean lower premiums, while still ensuring that their income is protected.
  • Remind them of policy features. Your client's occupation and income needs most likely dictated the way you structured their initial policy. For policies that include strong core income features, it is important to remind clients of these details and how to take advantage of them.
While most clients hope they never have to use their IDI policy, it's crucial that you help them ensure their policy matches their current life stage. Not doing so could leave them susceptible to gaps in income or lower payments, should they need to use their benefits.

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