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November 12, 2019
Fire Sale! QoL Guarantee Plus II UL Rate Increase Coming

Starting December 7, 2019, the premiums on the QoL Guarantee Plus GUL II will increase an average of 4% for level pays and 9% for single and 10 pay scenarios. If you are in discussions with a client that includes the QoL GUL II now is the time to make the sale. You may also want to take a look at your QoL Flex Term and Select-A-Term clients and try doing a term conversion. To receive current rates, applications must be received on or before December 6th. See the Bulletin...

eStation Will Shut Down on November 15th
AIG Partners is happy to announce that Connext - their NEW Producer Website - is now fully functional and available for use. User guides, FAQ's, on-demand videos and more are available on the Help page of Connext.

Key Protective Life 2017 CSO/PBR Product Updates
Protective is updating their product portfolio before the end of 2019 to reflect the 2017 CSO Table and Principle-Based Reserving requirements. They are providing you this information now to help you plan for a smooth transition for you and your clients before January 1, 2020. See the Transition Rules...

Transamerica's Top Two Risk Classes, Now Even More Competitive
Next week, Transamerica is making some exciting pricing changes to Trendsetter Super term life insurance. These updates will improve rates across preferred and preferred plus risk classes. See for yourself and check out the transition guidelines.

FLXelerate: Ameritas' Accelerated Underwriting Program!
Ameritas is working to make it faster and easier for people with good health and good credit to obtain life insurance with FLXelerate, their accelerated underwriting program. Starting November 11th, 2019 your client could get a fully underwritten regularly priced FLX Living Benefits term or Index Universal Life policy without labs or a medical exam. Details, including eligibility criteria and training opportunities, are coming soon!

Buy One Give One From Ameritas!
Introducing a new sales incentive from Ameritas! BOGO (Buy one Give one) will help you tell clients about the benefits of using Ameritas FLX Index Universal Life insurance for juvenile insurance policies. From now until December 31, 2019 you can earn a $100 bonus for every 3 juvenile FLX IUL insurance applications you submit. Each submission must include 1 adult policy and 1 juvenile policy with a monthly premium of $50 or more. See more...

2019 Year-End Process Dates and Holiday Schedule

Carrier Rewards Programs:

Carrier Incentives: Travel the World With Cenco!

AIG Partners Webinars
AIG Partners Group frequently host product training and sales concept webinars every week for their producers. All webinars are complimentary and recorded for future viewing in AIG Campus (formerly Career Campus) located within Connext. Join the webinar on "iGo E-App" on November 6th at 12:00 P.M. PST.

DI Tip Of The Week
Buy/Sell Disability Insurance is important coverage for many business owners and partnerships. It can pay monthly or lump sum proceeds to business owners who need to buy out a permanently disabled partner. Most clients will understand the value in Buy/Sell - making it a fairly straight forward sale.

When pitching Buy/Sell, don't forget to discuss waiting periods. Buy/sell policies typically have a 12+ month elimination period - meaning benefits won't be available until the partner has been permanently disabled for one year. Your client will need to have savings or other assets available to keep the business running during the waiting period. When Buy/Sell coverage tag teams with Key Person Disability Insurance, your client will have the necessary funds to keep the business running. This DI dynamic duo works hand-in-hand to protect your client's business and their paycheck.

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