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June 2, 2020
One Year Amazon Prime Membership
on Global Atlantic!

Do you have clients who recently obtained permanent life insurance within the last 3 years, but now have a need for extra coverage? With Global Atlantic’s Additional Insurance Program, your clients may be eligible for additional coverage with limited or no additional underwriting up to $1,000,000! Effective May 1, 2020, the first 500 producers who submit a case and it is issued paid, will receive a one year Amazon Prime membership on Global Atlantic!

Lien Approach to Living Benefits
You are aware of the importance of talking to your clients about life insurance with living benefits. Part of determining which policy fits your client’s needs is understanding the two types of methods used in calculating accelerated death benefit amounts. Review this flyer to help learn about the benefits of a lien versus discount approach.

Time is Running Out! NLG Premiums May Never Be This Low Again!
On May 11th, AIG Partners Group announced increases in their QoL Guarantee Plus GUL II rates, effective May 30th. Premiums will see an average increase of 15% as a result of recent declines in interest rates and increased market volatility. To receive the old rates, applications must be received on or before May 29th. See the bulletin for details and transition rules.

Now is the time to take action! Call your clients that have shown an interest in the QoL Guarantee Plus II product and let us know if we can help.

Transition Rules For Postponed Cases: QoL Guarantee Plus GUL II
Following the recently announced premium increase taking effect May 30, 2020, for QoL Guarantee Plus GUL II, we want to make you aware of transition rules for cases that may have been postponed due to COVID-19. In order to retain the old product and rates, all requirements must be received by the dates listed in the bulletin and the case must be issued no later than October 31, 2020.

More Non Med and Guaranteed Issue Options From Cenco
To help you decide which Non Med and Guaranteed Issue Option is for you and your clients, we have compiled a spreadsheet of all the programs available to you. Call us if you need additional information. We are here to help.

Helping You Keep Your Promises
It's difficult, if not impossible, for some clients to complete in-home paramedical exams due to today's social distancing efforts. Are you waiting on pending business that's caught in underwriting with another carrier? Transamerica has come up with a solution to help. Their new nonmed requirements will help you minimize face-to-face interactions, avoid traditional requirements and most importantly, get policies placed quickly. Learn more...

Doing Business Virtually
A great deal of uncertainty remains as we move forward, but there are still opportunities for you to do business and have a positive impact on the lives of your clients and prospects. We are here to help you do what you do best.

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