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September 1, 2020
Help Your Clients Meet Their Needs With A Leading Income Annuity!

Do you have clients with a need for immediate income? ForeCertain, Global Atlantic's single-premium income annuity, is an industry leader in the 5-year through 10-year certain periods. Read more...

Now More Than Ever, It's Critical To Have An e-Application Solution For Forethought Annuities!
Utilizing SnapApp streamlines the application process by creating a simplified and accelerated sales process, by advancing the way you engage clients and capture business. Ready to learn more? Click here for the User Guide.

Cenco Wants To Help You More Than Double Your Bonus On The External Term Conversion Program
The 12 month premium conversion credit for External Term Conversions ends September 30, 2020! Now with External Term Conversion applications dated 8/16/20 or later later and a minimum face amount of $100K, Cenco is increasing your Amazon gift card to $250 or $250 cash, if you already have a gift card, for every ETC case placed! See the details...

It's All About The LIFE In Life Insurance!
Imagine: Clients can pay the same premium as a traditional GUL policy, but get the added benefits of strong cash value and chronic illness protection! Now THAT'S the power of QoL Value+ Protector! Learn more...

Effective Immediately, New NAIC Training For The Power Series Of Index Annuities
Since several enhancements have been made to The Power Series Of Index Annuities to help clients meet their retirement accumulation and income needs, completion of a new NAIC suitability product-specific training module will be required for all financial professionals and agents who submit new business applications on or after August 17, 2020. The new module is available now. Log in to Connext, go to Resources and then AIG Campus to complete the Power Protector Series of Index Annuities certification courses today!

Global Atlantic's Additional Insurance Program (AIP)
Do you have clients who recently obtained permanent life insurance, but now have a need for extra coverage? With Global Atlantic's Additional Insurance Program, your clients may be eligible for additional coverage with limited or no additional underwriting. And you can also earn a paid one-year Prime membership from Accordia and a $100 Amazon gift card from Cenco for every AIP case placed! See the details...

Virtual Sales Start Up Kit
A great deal of uncertainty remains as we move forward, but there are still opportunities for you to do business and have a positive impact on the lives of your clients and prospects. We are here to help you do what you do best.

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