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January 12, 2021
Could Term And NLG Rates Increase And Could More GUL/NLG Products Sunset?

We all watched as several insurers raised their NLG/GUL premiums earlier in 2020 and then while AG49-A leveled the illustration field, it made many life products less robust for the consumer.

Now with insurer's product spreads reducing and COVID-19, life insurers are forced to review both mortality and spread calculations.

Could this mean that:
  • Guaranteed life insurance premiums will increase, or certain guaranteed premium products disappear?
  • Term premiums might increase or long term period durations may be phased out?

While some of this has been discussed amongst life insurers and there is not industry wide evidence yet:

  • One formerly competitive NLG insurer discontinued their NLG/GUL product sales as of January 1.
  • Another major insurer has suggested their field force refrain from writing new life business.
  • A major insurer is rumored to be not accepting business from new agents.
  • Others have been observed implementing stricter underwriting standards.
  • A big nationally known major insurer just removed their 30 year term from the market.
  • That same insurer increased their premiums from 8% to 12% on GUL.
  • In past months other insurers have either removed GUL/NLG products or increased premiums.
  • Industry articles have referenced insurers having higher death claims from some term policies.

What is even worse, as we have seen some of these changes can come with little or no advance notice to agents. What should agents do?

While we cannot predict whether interest rates will change soon or the COVID-19 vaccine will curtail mortality risks, in any case this would be the time to tell your pending or undecided clients to take action and either lock in new permanent coverage or if term is best for budget reasons, obtain term from an insurer with quality permanent products to convert to, NOW!

For help go to Cenco's Website for term or GUL quotes or call us at 916/920-5251 or 800/452-3626,

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