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January 21, 2021
Instantly Quote and Apply for Term and GUL for Multiple Insurers

In this first in a series of deep dives focusing on some of the great individual features on Cenco’s newly updated website for you our valued producers, we cover the improved ability to instantly quote and apply for both term and GUL for multiple insurers directly on our website.

As before you can simply enter your client information and obtain term or GUL/NLG quotes for one or more insurers all on one page and in different formats to view, print or download to Excel, without having to log in to individual insurer websites.

In addition you can:

  • Choose between traditional and accelerated underwriting
  • Select term durations from 1 to 40 years.
  • See each product’s details and features chart for every quoted product right on the website
  • Choose NLG maturity age durations from ages 85 to 121
  • Add up to four riders such as ADD, Waiver of Premium Return of Premium (ROP), Child rider
  • Choose from multiple rate classes from Standard Tobacco to Super Preferred, OR
  • Check on possible ratings by entering some basic health profile info such as height, weight, Tobacco use and history, blood pressure, cholesterol and related medications if known.
  • Compare up to three different face amounts
  • Add flat extra premium amounts and durations
  • Save your quotes for later access on your own “My Quotes” personal dashboard*
  • Have direct access to product and carrier features and details such as ages, rate classes, underwriting, again with no need to go individual insurer websites.
  • Run Quotes with current assumption UL and IUL at Benchmark options
  • Quote for all 50 states, not just those you are licensed in with an insurer.
  • Get direct access from quoting to each insurer’s e-applications or paper applications.
  • Use the help and Guides for helpful tips, including a “Take the Tour” demo video and more.

* You can save and keep track of both individual and multiple quotes on your own “My Quotes” dashboard right on the website. You can look them up at any time to edit, update or requote and again no need to go to each insurer’s website to find quotes done with them.

How to get there on the website? Two ways:

  1. Click “Get a Quote” on the Home page
  2. Select “Life Quotes” from the “Tools” drop down menu at the top of the website

To learn more about how to use this powerful feature, watch this short “Take the Tour“ video. For the best real-life experience check us out at www.cencoinsurance.com

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