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February 4, 2021
Product Benefits and Features at Your Fingertips

Third in a series of deep dives focusing on some of the great individual features in Cenco's newly updated and constantly improving website for you our valued producers.

TODAY'S FEATURE- Product and carrier features database for both life and annuities for multiple insurers

Are you tired of:

  1. Having to go to different carrier websites to look up individual product benefits and features?
  2. Being unable to get competing product information if you are not contracted with an insurer?

Look no further, with Cenco's product features database you can have everything you need for a number of insurers at your fingertips. On one website you can see:

  • Insurer ratings and state approvals and availability
  • Issue ages, minimum and maximum issue amounts, riders, special features and options
  • Risk classes, underwriting, policy charges, surrender periods.
  • Crediting rates, Caps, index strategies, participation rates, guarantee periods, MVAs
  • Product applicability and sales use descriptions
  • Availability of the special XRAE instant underwriting search engine
  • You can also easily access all other available products from either the same insurer or other carriers for competition comparisons.

How to get there on the Website:

For Life Insurance, two ways to get what you need:

  1. From our home page drop down "Product" menu select "Life Insurance" and then "Search Our Product Database" and you will be presented with a list of carriers and products to search from
  2. When doing a quote on the premium quote Results list you can simply select one or more the product names on the quote list and go right to full product feature screen.

For Annuities:

  1. From the home page drop down "Product" menu select "Annuities" and then "Search Our Database "Then you can enter a prospective client's state, age, deposit amount and annuity type and you will be presented with a list of annuities meeting those criteria with above referenced carrier and product details
  2. Even better, you can even do an Advanced Search where you can search for products based on up to seventeen custom criteria.

Then you can get either available IGO application or paper application forms from the carrier right on the website, without having to go to the carrier website, so you can be ready to write the business.

For the best real-life experience check us out at www.cencoinsurance.com

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