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February 9, 2021
Earn Valuable Gift Cards Or Treats Just for e-Submitting New Applications!

As previously announced, to celebrate the recent launch of Cenco's multi-insurer e-application website feature, Cenco wants to reward you!

From January 27 through February 28, 2021, for every IGO e-application you complete using Cenco's "Start an E-App" website tool, you will earn your choice of either a $10 Amazon, Peet's or Starbucks gift card, and you can continue to earn several of each by doing multiple applications.

Check it out today by selecting "Start an E-app" at www.cencoinsurance.com!

Rules: To qualify, an e-application must be completed and submitted "in good order" (IGO) and accepted by each insurer for processing "in good order"

Non-medical Underwriting for QoL Value+ Protector II is Here
Non-medical underwriting has been extended to QoL Value+ Protector II. As with the non-medical underwriting available for QoL Max Accumulator+ II, the following guidelines apply:

  • Ages up to 50 and face amounts up to and including $1 million.
  • Standard to Preferred Plus will be available through non-medical underwriting - Table A and B are included in the Standard rate class.
  • Part B application/medical information may only be completed by the tele-interview vendor.
  • When applicable, the ability to pivot to medical underwriting remains available.

Not Sure How Much Term Rates Have Changed? We Have Some Answers
As predicted in recent eNews and as many insurers are considering, on January 19th, AIG announced new term rates for both AIG Partners Group and AIG brokerage products.

While as expected, some rates have increased slightly, some have actually decreased.Take a look at this Rate Change Comparison Chart that Cenco has created for you for more information and detail. From now on all AIG term quotes, whether from AIG's website or elsewhere will reflect the new term rates as AIG has removed the old rates from their website and all other approved quoting services. Read the transition rules...

However, the good news is that for applications received between now and February 14, 2021 your applicants will be given the lower of the new rates and old rates. Also, more good news is that the new rates are already available in the "Get a Quote" feature on our website.

So don't wait, if you think you have clients who could benefit from the old rates, have them apply now! They will appreciate you more.

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