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February 11, 2021
Cenco's XRAE Field Underwriting Tool

Fourth in a series of deep dives focusing on some of the great individual features in Cenco's newly updated and constantly improving website for you our valued producers.

TODAY'S FEATURE- Cenco's XRAE Field Underwriting Tool.

Save time and eliminate the need to contact numerous insurers to evaluate how a client may be rated. Do them all at one time on Cenco's XRAE Field Underwriting tool!

What is XRAE?
XRAE does what no human being can - it perfectly evaluates and matches your client's conditions to thousands of specific underwriting rules for your selected insurers using hundreds of potential criteria to determine the "best case" underwriting classification and it can do it in less than one second.

How does Xrae work?
XRAE quickly evaluates and matches your client's medical conditions against carrier published and unpublished underwriting guidelines, to arrive at best case scenarios to:

  • Determine the most likely approvable rate class carriers based on the information you entered.
  • Know what other questions carriers may want to have answered for most medical conditions.
  • Display your results on a single screen and illustrate an instant possible decision from multiple carriers, thus increasing the opportunity of getting more clients sold faster.
  • Also allows you to create a quote, explore product features just like you can do in our Quote search engine.

How to get there on the Website:

  1. From the Cenco Home page on the "Tools" drop down menu select "XRae Underwriting"
  2. Because this is an advanced tool, first time users should click "Request Access" to receive a special Xrae only login, otherwise simply select "Login"

Then you can:

  1. Enter any partial or complete client condition information you have available. A preliminary analysis can still be done which you can update later when you have more information.
  2. Otherwise the process is fairly straightforward for you to enter information or call Cenco for help.

What Are Other Agents Saying?:

  • "This is awesome Thank you!"
  • "Ok. Wow. Could be very valuable!"

To learn more, wathc this short video on How To Use XRAE

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