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May 11, 2021
Great News! AIG Is Lifting COVID-19 Underwriting Restrictions

In the wake of positive COVID-19 case trends, AIG is pleased to announce that, effective May 12, 2021, their temporary underwriting restrictions that have been in place since April 2020 will be lifted and their normal pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines will be in effect. Read more...

Last Minute Sale on GUL Products Before May 15th
Over the last year, insurers have completely dropped their NLG/GUL guaranteed premium life products or significantly raised their rates. Now another major insurer is added to the list.

Due to the current interest rate environment AIG is being forced to reprice their extremely popular GUL products, Guarantee Plus II and Secure Lifetime GUL 3.

This product bulletin indicates premium increases of 17%, but at some ages and rate classes it can easily be more! To protect the current rates, applications must be received at the home office by May 14th. Read more...

QoL Value+ Protector II Product Changes - Effective May 15, 2021
AIG is repricing QoL Value+ Protector II, effective May 15, 2021, due to the impacts of low interest rate and spread, especially on younger ages. In addition, the Cash Value Accumulation Test (CVAT) interest rate is updated to meet the new IRC 7702 requirements. If you have pending QoL Value+ Protector II applications in process you need to have them to the home office by May 14th to receive the old rates! Read more...

Transamerica Launches New Expanded Nonmedical Guidelines!
Transamerica retired COVID-19 Underwriting Guidelines and launched new, expanded nonmedical guidelines for Trendsetter LB, Trendsetter Super Series and Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL. Read more...

Annuity Tip Of The Week: Double Income For A Healthcare Need
Would your clients like added protection in the event of a healthcare need? Take a look at this infographic to learn 5 reasons why the Income Enhancement Benefit with Income 150+ SE fixed index annuity can help your clients get double guaranteed annual income for a healthcare need.

DI Tip Of The Week
May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month and there is no better opportunity to discuss DI with your clients!! Disability conversation can be awkward because they are about tough and scary times. Vision loss from diabetes, stroke, a cancer diagnosis, back injuries, depression...the list goes on and on. People don't like to think about the bad times but the reality is - it happens every day. How will your clients handle them? Check out the flyer from the Council for Disability Awareness for information and statistics to help your clients understand the need for DI.

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