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May 25, 2021
Non-Medical Update - Real-time Exam Decision

AIG's non-medical process has been updated to provide the client a real-time decision if an exam and labs are needed upon conclusion of the tele-interview. This process can accelerate the client's application with an underwriting path to policy approval that does not require an exam and labs. Read more...

Default Mailing Method For Printed Policies
USPS standard mail will be the default mail method for printed policy packets for most IUL and GUL policies. USPS standard is already the default method for most term policies.

Please note that overnight delivery will remain the default method for Term and Permanent policies with either:

  • A face amount of more than $3.5 million, or
  • An annual premium of more than $15,000
Overnight or Priority mail may still be requested on an exception basis.

Time Is Running Out! You Have Until Memorial Day, May 31st To Earn Valuable Gift Cards Or Treats Just for e-Submitting New Applications!
As previously announced, to celebrate the recent launch of Cenco's multi-insurer e-application website feature, Cenco wants to reward you!

For every IGO e-application you complete using Cenco's "Start an E-App" website tool, you will earn your choice of either a $10 Amazon, Peet's or Starbucks' gift card, and you can continue to earn several of each by doing multiple applications.

Check it out today by selecting "Start an E-app" at www.cencoinsurance.com!

Rules: To qualify, an e-application must be completed and submitted "in good order" (IGO) and accepted by each insurer for processing "in good order".

Great News! AIG Is Lifting COVID-19 Underwriting Restrictions
In the wake of positive COVID-19 case trends, AIG is pleased to announce that, effective May 12, 2021, their temporary underwriting restrictions that have been in place since April 2020 will be lifted and their normal pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines will be in effect. Read more...

Transamerica Launches New Expanded Nonmedical Guidelines!
Transamerica retired COVID-19 Underwriting Guidelines and launched new, expanded nonmedical guidelines for Trendsetter LB, Trendsetter Super Series and Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL. Read more...

Annuity Tip Of The Week:
Help Your Clients Leave Behind More Money (Despite RMD's) Imagine this: one of your clients earmarked a chunk of her qualified money for her son when she dies. Good plan. But when she turns 72, her Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) kick in - something that might erode her legacy strategy.

But Global Atlantic's Choice Accumulation fixed annuity offers an optional death benefit, available for an additional cost, that provides guaranteed 7% growth for up to 15 years to help maximize legacy planning (despite RMDs). Watch and share this video with your clients.

DI Tip Of The Week
May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month Disability Insurance Awareness Month continues, and we have some marketing pieces to help you start the income protection conversation with your clients. The "What you need to know about...disability insurance" brochure from LifeHappens.org introduces income protection to clients by answering basic questions like...

  • How much DI do I need?
  • What are the types of DI?
  • How much does DI cost?
  • How do I get DI?
For more information, check out the Life Happens Toolbox.

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