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July 13, 2021

AIG’s New AAS Supplement Report Now Available in WinFlex!

This new functionality provides you the option of illustrating the benefit payout of the Accelerated Access Solution (AAS) chronic illness rider, available on the QoL Max Accumulator+ II and the QoL Value+ Protector II products.  Read more…

The Enhanced Fast Lane Accelerated Underwriting Program You’ve Been Waiting For!

Accordia is excited to announce that they have upgraded their Fast Lane Accelerated Underwriting program for clients aged 56-60 to be eligible for up to $1 million of coverage!    Read more…

Just In Time For Summer!  QoL Max Accumulator+ II Is Getting Enhanced!

Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriation Act (CAA) at the end of 2020 which contains a provision that affects life insurance under Section 7702 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  New interest rates used to calculate the guideline and modified endowment premiums have been lowered effective January 1, 2021.  AIG is making updates to QoL Max Accumulator+ II beginning July 17, 2021 to comply with these changes.  Read the bulletin…

Agile Underwriting+ (AU+): Fast Decisions For Fast-Paced Lives

Did you know that AIG has AU+, a streamlined underwriting process for their permanent products? QoL Max Accumulator+ II and QoL Value+ Protector II offers our AU+ program for clients who are aged 50 or younger and whose initial death benefit is $1,000,000 or less.  AU+ consists of a vendor completed tele-interview where the client may receive an offer without exam, labs or APS!  Read more…

New QoL Flex Term Rates Are Coming In HOT For Summer!

As of June 28, 2021, QoL Flex Term is getting repriced in all states.  The premium changes are a mix of increases and decreases, and some cells will be left unchanged.  Get all the sizzling details…

Annuity Tip Of The Week

The Certainty of Protected Lifetime Income

Do your clients know how to make the retirement savings you’ve helped them build last for a 30+ year retirement?

And are they prepared for increased living costs?  Show them how they could reposition a portion of their portfolio into fixed income annuity’s optional riders to add more certainty to their retirement strategy with one of three new income playbooks.  Get your income playbooks here…

Cenco Website Tip Of The Week

Immediate “XRAE” Pre-Underwriting

XRAE does what no human being can:
  • Perfectly matches client conditions to thousands of specific underwriting rules from multiple insurers
  • Then determines “best case” underwriting classification, in less than one second
  • Determines the most likely approvable rate class
  • Displays your results from multiple carriers on a single screen
  • Allows you to create a quote just like you can do in our Quote search engine
Check it out now at

DI Tip Of The Week

The Value of Modified Offers

Applying for individual disability insurance is the right choice, whether your clients are interested in personal or business disability insurance or are looking to maximize their existing disability coverage.  When they apply for this coverage, they hope their application will be approved with the benefits they applied for.  Sometimes, however, this is not possible.  In cases such as these, the carrier might present a modified offer of coverage instead.  Find out more…

Carrier Incentives

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