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August 31, 2021

Transamerica Launches Their New TransMatch Program!

The TransMatch program may provide up to and including $1 million in additional coverage for your clients with Transamerica, using their recently expanded nonmedical underwriting.  Under this new program, individuals who’ve been approved standard or better in the past 12 months by a company on their list of approved carriers may be eligible for a Trendsetter Super, Trendsetter LB or Financial Foundation IUL.  It’s part of their commitment to making a smarter, seamless, and simplified way of doing business.  Read more…

Savings For Value Seekers!

On its own, QoL Value+ Protector II is a great alternative to GUL with competitive premiums, guaranteed death benefit and upside cash value potential.  But you can get more benefits for your cleints and make the policy work harder with Select Income Rider and Accelerated Access Solution chronic illness rider.  Read more…

Another Reprice? Now That’s A Big Deal!

Even small moves can be a big deal for your clients.  Protective is lowering prices across the board putting Protective Classic Choice term in the top three 95% of the time, and in the top five 97% of the time!  Protective is committed to helping you give clients the competitive short-term coverage they need.  Read more…

LTLIA: Temporary Coverage While A Case Is Being Processed

The Limited Temporary Life Insurance Agreement (LTLIA) is a popular option that provides temporary coverage for eligible applicants while their cases are being processed.  See AIG’s LTLIA Guide for details, more tips and an FAQ to help ensure your clients take advantage of this valuable coverage. 

Annuity Tip Of The Week

Manage The Risk of Inflation in Retirement

With steadily increasing life expectancies and inflation, it’s important to set realistic expectations for how much income your clients will need in retirement.

Consider a strategy that addresses increasing living costs and makes it easier for your clients to enter retirement prepared.  Check out the inflation flyer.

Cenco Website Tip Of The Week

Expand Your Abilities

  • Do multi-insurer term and NLG quotes and comparisons
  • Do e-applications for multiple insurers on one website
  • See your quotes and applications on your own dashboard 24/7
  • See detailed multiple insurer product features and specs
  • On-line underwriting pre-screening for multiple insurers
  • Fixed and Index Annuity search engine
  • Find paper applications and forms for multiple insurers
Check it out now at

DI Tip Of The Week

The Cost of Disability Insurance

Disability income insurance is different from all other types of insurance.  The cost of your car insurance is based on how many years you’ve been driving (your age), the value of your car, your driving history and a few other factors.

The cost for disability income insurance is also based on similar components such as age and your medical history – however, unique factors affecting the cost of disability insurance are related to the policy features chosen by the insured such as benefit length, elimination period, benefit amount, etc. The decisions your client makes about policy design also impact the price.

Your client can expect to pay between 1-4% of his/her annual income for a disability insurance policy.  This annual cost seems high when compared to a client’s auto insurance coverage but consider the length of time benefits are received and the amount of money your client could receive throughout the life of the policy.

Call Cenco for more information.

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