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October 5, 2021

What’s The Cost Of Waiting?

Most people are aware of the financial impact their death could have on their loved ones, especially if they are uninsured.  But do they also know that the longer they wait to purchase life insurance, the more it could cost them?

In fact, a preferred male non-tobacco user who purchases life insurance at age 60 rather than age 50 could spend nearly $120,000 more in premiums over 20 years.  And if that same individual faces declining health before he finally makes the purchase, the cost could be much higher.  Find out more…

Increase Cash Value Over Time On IUL…?

QoL Max Accumulator+ II is packed with flexibility, and its death benefit payout can even increase over time.  See how with the Select Income Rider.

Stay Tuned For Changes In Transamerica’s Final Expense And Trendsetter LB Products

Effective October 2nd, Transamerica’s Final Expense Solutions Portfolio will have higher guaranteed cash values at the same cost-effective rates and the Trendsetter LB will have a new minimum issue age for Band 1 ($25,000-$99,999) that will increase from age 18 to age 23.  See the Trendsetter guide and transition details...

Tell The IUL Story, Short and Sweet!

Telling the Index Universal Life story and explaining how it works to clients can sometimes be a lengthy and complex conversation.  Increase your efficiency with AIG’s Life with Confidence digital tool that can help you simplify the IUL story in minutes!

Annuity Tip Of The Week

Build And Protect.  A Guaranteed Legacy Strategy.

A Choice Accumulation fixed index annuity offers an optional death benefit that provides guaranteed 7% growth for up to 15 years to help maximize legacy planning.  With an opportunity for guaranteed growth like that, your clients might rest a little easier knowing that their loved ones can plan to have something for their future.  Share this case study with your clients…

Cenco Website Tip Of The Week

Expand Your Abilities

  • Do multi-insurer term and NLG quotes and comparisons
  • Do e-applications for multiple insurers on one website
  • See your quotes and applications on your own dashboard 24/7
  • See detailed multiple insurer product features and specs
  • On-line underwriting pre-screening for multiple insurers
  • Fixed and index Annuity search engine
  • Find paper applications and forms for multiple insurers
Check it out now at

DI Tip Of The Week

The Value Of Modified Offers

Applying for individual disability insurance is the right choice, whether your clients are interested in personal or business disability insurance or are looking to maximize their existing disability coverage.  When they apply for this coverage, they hope their application will be approved with the benefits they applied for.  Sometimes, however, this isn’t possible.  In cases such as these, the carrier might present a modified offer of coverage instead.  Find out more…

Carrier Incentives

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