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October 19, 2021

What Can $3-A-Day Do For You?

Permanent life insurance can be an important part of your client’s overall financial plan. Once they understand that, helping them see the difference between paying the minimum amount of premium versus adding just a few extra dollars a day can set your clients up for a brighter future.

Share with clients how just $3-a-day can pump up cash value and tax-free supplemental retirement income in an Index Universal Life policy.  Read more…

Protective Classic Choice Term Repriced, Again!

Protective has repriced again to make Protective Classic Choice term more competitive than ever.  Their lower prices now put them in the top 3 94% of the time and in the top 5 97% of the time for monthly pay scenarios.  Read more…

A New Agent Incentive

North American is offering an incentive for new agents to earn up to an additional $1,500 with their first 3 FIA cases! Here are some general incentive guidelines:
  • Agents must use the eApp
  • Business must be submitted prior to 12/31/2021
  • Minimum case size is $50K
  • “NEW” agent refers to any agent who has not been contracted with North American and not submitted business in 2020 or 2021
  • $500 will be paid after each policy issues (up to 3 for total of $1,500)
Stay tuned for more information.

Get Your Term Sales Issued In Minutes!

See Thursday’s eNews and call Cenco for more information.

What’s The Cost Of Waiting?

Most people are aware of the financial impact their death could have on their loved ones, especially if they are uninsured.  But do they also know that the longer they wait to purchase life insurance, the more it could cost them?

In fact, a preferred male non-tobacco user who purchases life insurance at age 60 rather than age 50 could spend nearly $120,000 more in premiums over 20 years.  And if that same individual faces declining health before he finally makes the purchase, the cost could be much higher.  Find out more…

Annuity Tip Of The Week

Offer Your Clients The Certainty Of More Money To Leave Behind

During these challenging times, your clients may want something they can count on, especially when it comes to what they are intending to leave to their loved ones.

Shoe them a strategy for growing a guaranteed legacy regardless of market conditions.  It might just be the predictability they need and the client service they want.  Get your Guaranteed Legacy Playbook…

Cenco Website Tip Of The Week


  • Submit your e-Applications for any of multiple insurers on one website
  • Auto-transer information from Quotes to e-Applications
  • Check status of all your submitted cases 24/7
  • Makes e-Application signature process a snap
  • Obtain application forms for any of many life insurers
  • View your apps from input to completion on your own secure “My Cases” dashboard    
Check it out now at

DI Tip Of The Week

DI For Business Owners

Small businesses employ almost half of working Americans.  Many have only a handful of employees and are least likely to have group disability plans. Ameritas offers many options for business owners to protect their income if they become too sick or hurt to work.

The Business Owner Upgrade Program helps provide cost savings with the ability to upgrade one or two occupational classes.  The Business Owner Income Enhancer is a feature that allows an increase of insurance income by an additional 20% to help business owners cover the loss of company perks.

Carrier Incentives

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