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February 1, 2022

Coming Soon! AIG Will Be Announcing Non-Med QoL Flex Term and QoL Guarantee Plus II

Stay tuned and watch for more information in next week’s eNews!

Term Laddering – Life Insurance The Smart Way

Show clients how they can tailor their life insurance coverage with AIG’s Term Laddering sales concept.  By layering smaller policies, you can create a custom coverage plan to fit your clients’ exact needs.  It’s life insurance the smart way.

Attract Value Seekers With Valuable Riders

Raising awareness of life insurance in securing financial futures is now more important than ever. But did you know 92% don’t realize… the full range of benefits permanent life insurance can offer during their lifetime.  Start the QoL Value Plus Protector II conversation today.  See how the numbers stack up with their valuable riders…

Protective’s Term Product Has A New Lower Price – And Cost Isn’t The Only Compelling Feature

Protective has lowered their Protective Classic Choice Term prices once again. And with longer term periods, more flexibility and faster technology, they are also making short-term business easier and more innovative.  They believe products should be easy to understand and easier to recommend.  That’s why they removed unnecessary features and steps to maximize value for you and your clients.  Read more…

Annuity Tip Of The Week

A Flexible Income Strategy For Your Client’s Retirement Needs

Income 150+ fixed index annuity offers benefits to help clients generate income for retirement and provide additional income for a qualifying healthcare need with a guaranteed income boost on day one – with more boosts while waiting to take income. Read more…

Cenco Website Tip Of The Week


  • Submit your e-applications for any of multiple insurers on one website
  • Auto-transfer information from Quotes to e-applications
  • Check status of all your submitted cases 24/7
  • Makes e-application signature process a snap
  • Obtain application forms for any of many life insurers
  • View your apps from input to completion on your own secure “My Cases” dashboard
Check it out now at

Disability Tip of The Week

The Value Of Modified Offers

Applying for individual disability insurance is the right choice, whether your clients are interested in personal or business disability insurance or are looking to maximize their existing disability coverage.  When they apply for this coverage, they hope their application will be approved with the benefits they applied for.  Sometimes however, this isn’t possible.  In cases such as these, the carrier might present a modified offer of coverage instead.  Find out more…

Carrier Incentives

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