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May 10, 2022

Midyear Cash Bonus!

Agents earn $500 for every 5 paid policies, with up to $25,000 in cash bonuses available per agent.  Clients get the fast affordable term life insurance coverage they need, and agents get a little something extra too.  Clients apply with no medical exam, no waiting around, and no case management required. 

Contact Cenco for more information.

Annuity Corner

Guaranteed Annuity Interest Rates

Help your clients safeguard their savings and investments:
  • With some bank CD and money market taxable interest rates near 1% or less and
  • The stock market dropping, the rush for safety is starting again
Help save your client’s savings with MYGA’s (Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities). Some recently updated rates include:
  • A Top 2-year rate – 2.75%
  • A Top 3-year rate – 3.5%
  • A Top 4-year rate – 3.7%
  • A Top 5-year rate – 3.85%
  • A Top 6-year rate – 4.3%
For more information and carrier details contact David Bennis or any of your Cenco support team.

Cure UL and IUL Crediting Rate Shock!

Are recent and upcoming increases in UL and IUL crediting rates a concern for you or your clients?

After experiencing lower crediting rates or increasing COI’s on UL and IUL policies and to avoid having to apologize in the future, many agents are moving back to Whole Life (WL) for some of their more conservative clients.

Whole life offers the benefits of totally guaranteed premiums and guaranteed cash values plus increased death benefits and cash values due to dividends. Plus, WL offers the secure feeling benefit, that premiums are guaranteed not to mention non-forfeiture provisions and premium reduction options not available on UL and IUL products.  For those agents and clients wanting a top performing WL product, Cenco has the answer with WL products from some of our competitive carriers.  One of the best, if not the best in many situations is Ameritas Life.  Take a look at these  comparison charts for Ameritas Life Access WL, Ameritas Life Growth WL and Ameritas Life Value Plus WL versus some of the leading WL insurers.

Contact Cenco for these and more Whole Life options.

AIG’s Income For Life Rider Updated To Be More Competitive

Effective April 30, rates in WinFlex for the Income for Life Rider on QoL Max Accumulator+ II IUL policies will be updated to improve annuity factors and adjust the one-time activation charge for select ages.  As a result, the guaranteed income from the rider will increase by an average 15% for issue age 35-55 if the rider is activated before age 80.  Read more…

DI Did You Know

  • Just over one in four of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire.
  • Every seven seconds, someone in the United States suffers an illness, injury or accident that will keep them out of work for more than one month.

Carrier Incentives

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