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July 28, 2022

Upgraded And Enhanced DI
 for Small Business Owners

Small businesses employ almost half of all workers in the US, and an unexpected disability can have a more severe impact on them than individuals who may be employed and have some benefits.

Most small businesses have only a handful of workers and are least likely to have a group disability plan.

By now we should all know that, based on actual statistics, disability income insurance can be much more valuable than even life or fire insurance, since the chances of a disability are far greater at all ages than dying or having a home burn down.

One of Cenco’s top DI insurers offers options for small business owners to obtain their own DI coverage with an upgraded occupational risk classification and enhanced benefits and can do so with or without including employees.

This can work especially well for business owners who engage in both managerial and manual or blue-collar duties, where the manual duties might normally cause them to have a less favorable occupational classification with higher premiums and a less favorable definition of disability.

Using what is sometimes called a “Managerial Endorsement” a business owner can get one or even two occupational class upgrades. In addition, a business owner can qualify for an “Income Enhancer” where the business owner's income can be enhanced by up to 20% to increase their monthly income benefit eligibility.

Sound too good to be true?

For more specific information, including a write-up describing several real-world calculation examples of how both the Business Owner Occupational Class Upgrade and the Business Owner Income Enhancer can dramatically help you help your small business owner clients, call or email David at Cenco.
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