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September 1, 2022

Answering the Where Will the Money Come From Problem

Many clients and their agents often avoid discussing where will money come for daily expenses, such as mortgage, rent, loan payments, insurance premiums, savings etc.  when the client misses paychecks due to even a non-life threatening accident or injury. 

In two prior DI News issues we provided:
  • Undeniable stats to help your clients recognize the absolute need for Disability Income Protection Insurance
  • Tried and true statements you can use daily to motivate your clients, and maybe you, to seriously consider DI coverage
The last two suggested questions for you to ask clients posed were: 
  • If you were to be out of work due to illness or injury, where could you go for income? 
  • if you were not able to work and earn your income for an moderate or extended period of time, where would you get the money to maintain your family’s lifestyle, and fund your retirement?
The next question should be: “Which of these below possible sources for money are most likely, most reasonable, least costly and can be most under your control?”
Friends Charity
Rob a bank
Sell or pawn personal items
Raid retirement savings
Raid kids college savings
Have another family member go to work
Find a spouse or partner with money

“Obtain Income Asset Paycheck Insurance”

The one they can fully control is the last one, Income Asset Paycheck Insurance.

Don’t wait to talk with your clients and prospects about Disability Income Paycheck Insurance.

For even more ideas how to get DI sales going ask David Bennis at Cenco
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