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September 8, 2022

Labor Day – A Good Time to Consider Income Replacement Insurance

Labor Day, which became a federal holiday in 1894, is an annual celebration of workers and their contributions, economic and earnings achievements in the United States. Worker income is the means by which individuals and families live and thrive. Without it individuals and families suffer financially and can even end up homeless. 

Following this week’s Labor Day, it may be a good time to remind your clients about the importance of protecting their greatest asset – their ability to earn an income. Income Replacement Insurance, better known as Disability Income Insurance, pays a benefit to an insured who is too sick or hurt to work and for many is the most important insurance they may ever obtain. 

The benefits provide an income to help maintain a standard of living, eliminating the need to drain savings and investments, ask for charity, or lose assets such as one’s home. Put simply, disability income insurance protects assets and helps provide an income.

Many of us probably have or know of a friend, family member, or colleague who has faced an unexpected illness or injury. It can make us wonder how often this happens and how many people are affected by disabling injuries. 

In the past months, Cenco has provided you with a number of statistics regarding the chances of disability.  Here are just a few reminders from previous National Safety Council studies regarding the frequency of disabling injuries
  • For all workers, a disabling injury occurred every one second or 4,630 every hour and 111,200 every day.
  • An in-home injury occurred every 2 seconds or 2,360 every hour and 56,700 every day. 
  • A worker off-the-job injury occurred every 2 seconds or 1,760 per hour and 42,200 every day 
  • A public non-motor vehicle injury occurred every 3 seconds or 1,300 per hour and 31,200 every day. 
  • An at-work injury occurred every 7 seconds or 500 per hour and 12,100 per day. 
  • A motor vehicle injury occurred every 7 seconds 490 per hour and 11,800 per day.
That’s a lot of disabling injuries, many of which happen in places you would least expect, including the home or in public. 

Considering that Labor Day celebrates the income successes of all workers, including your clients, don’t let them forget about protecting that income.   

To learn more about moving clients to recognize their need for "Income Replacement” insurance contact David Bennis at Cenco.
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