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December 20, 2022

See Why Return of Premium Can Be A Win-Win Feature

Get years of protection + options for clients to get their money back with AIG’s Return of Premium (ROP) feature:
  • Built-in, automatically included in the policy.
  • Guaranteed return of premium if the policy is sufficiently funded.
  • Two opportunities to surrender the policy to receive paid premiums back: 100% of premiums paid at Year 25 and 50% of premiums paid at Year 20.
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Get The Most From Your Cenco Website

Your Cenco website can be a powerful time saving and money-making tool for you, with a wealth of resources specifically designed to improve your sales.

Among many other things you can:
  • Quote multiple life insurers
  • Submit applications online for multiple insurers
  • Conduct underwriting searches
  • Look up product details for multiple insurers
And much, much more, too much to describe here.

Check it out at

2022 Year-End Processing Dates And Holiday Hours

As we near the end of the year, Cenco is prepared to work closely with you on your pending business and help you have a successful close to 2022.  Read the 2022 Year-End Processing Deadlines and Holiday Schedule for AIGAccordia, and Ameritas.  More schedules to follow.

Time is Running Out on Our Exclusive Bonus for AIG Partners Group/Corebridge Producers 

To further commemorate the positive AIG to Corebridge accounts, in addition to the recent 5% commission increase for AIG Partners QoL term products, Cenco is offering a temporary ANNUALIZED 5% of premium commission bonus on QoL Max Accumulator+ and 4% on QoL Value+ Protector for paid and placed life policies.

The bonus will be paid for any American General Partners Group QoL Max Accumulator+ or QoL Value+ Protector IUL paid policy with an application date of October 1, 2022 and issued and placed with the agent commission paid by December 31, 2022

  • Commissionable UL annualized Target Premium (TP) (aka WP) excluding excess and applicable chargebacks
  • Only policies count where the agent commission is posted and paid on the agent’s commission statement by December 31, 2022
  • Per policy maximum of $50,000 TP applies
  • Current AIG chargeback rules for agent commissions also apply to the bonus
  • Bonus available for individual producers only, upline management and Cenco staff not eligible

Annuity Corner

Save Your Clients Money With Guarantees

CDs are popular for those wanting a safe, low-risk way to save money.  A posted 10/22 Bankrate average for a 3-year CD was .98% and is income taxable.  A 3-year Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA) offers 4.7% and is not currently taxable.  Which one would be better for your client?

Help strengthen your client’s relationship with you. Check the rates below and contact Cenco for the most current rates for any available time periods.  Your clients will be glad you did, and so will you.

Don’t miss the chance to solidify your client relationships with the best MYGA rates including
some recently updated California rates:
  • A Top 2-year rate – 4.20%
  • A Top 3-year rate – 5.00%
  • A Top 4-year rate – 5.00%
  • A Top 5-year rate – 5.30%
  • A Top 6-year rate – 5.00%
For more information and carrier details contact your Cenco support team.

DI Did You Know

Do You Hesitate To Present Disability Income Insurance To Your Clients?

Many agents avoid selling Disability Income (DI) because it can seem harder to explain than life insurance and underwriting can require more information.

However, when you offer DI to your clients you can end up with:
  • Multiple products per client, thus enhancing your status with your clients
  • A DI sale, when there is no life sale, is or can be made
  • Much more in renewal commissions, up to 22%
For more information contact Cenco.

Carrier Incentives

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