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October 3, 2023

SimpliNow Choice Is Now In California

Access ALL underwriting submission paths in the same session, including the new client completion path that can lead to a real-time offer on the existing, fully featured QoL Flex Term.  

The iPipeline SimpliNow Choice platform also features a new condensed Part B for both the client and agent completion paths.  The new Part B has less free form and more drop-down answers to help ensure a positive client experience.  

Speeding up policy issue with real-time offers!  Read more…

AIG Term Conversions Just Got Even Better

Fully underwritten QoL Flex Term policies could be eligible to convert to a permanent policy with the Accelerated Access Solution (AAS) chronic illness rider.  Want to learn more, check out the AAS Quick Tips and Product Bulletin…

Transamerica Is Committed to Being Your Carrier Of Choice For Final Expense

That means continually improving their streamlined underwriting experience so you can sell more and deliver coverage to your clients faster.  See their latest enhancements…

QoL Protection IUL Improved Positioning

An average premium reduction of 4% will now be taken across the board on QoL Value+ Protector III with continued emphasis towards performing well in all scenarios and across payment structures (level and short pay). 
  • Improved guaranteed premium solve to age 90
  • New S&P 500 High Bonus index account
  • 68% of IUL cases through Agile Underwriting+ are lab-free
Read more…

Cenco Website Tip of the Week – E-Apply

  • Submit your e-applications for any of multiple insurers on one website
  • Auto-transfer information from quotes to e-applications
  • Check status of all your submitted cases 24/7
  • Makes e-application signature process a snap
  • Obtain application forms for any of many life insurers
  • View your apps from input to completion on your own secure “My Cases” dashboard
Check it out now at

Annuity Corner

Save Your Clients Money With Guarantees

CDs are popular for those wanting a safe, low-risk way to save money.  A posted 10/22 Bankrate average for a 3-year CD was .98% and is income taxable.  A 3-year Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA) offers 4.7% and is not currently taxable. Which one would be better for your client?

Help strengthen your client’s relationship with you. Check the rates below and contact Cenco for the most current rates for any available time periods. Your clients will be glad you did, and so will you.

Don’t miss the chance to solidify your client relationships with the best MYGA rates including
some recently updated California rates:
  • A Top 2-year rate – 5.15%
  • A Top 3-year rate – 5.35%
  • A Top 4-year rate – 5.45%
  • A Top 5-year rate – 5.55%
  • A Top 6-year rate – 5.65%
For more information and carrier details contact your Cenco support team.

DI Did You Know

Risky Sports – Not Necessarily A DI Deal Breaker

Hazardous avocations are not always deal breakers when it comes to disability insurance coverage.  Hazardous avocations are risky sports or hobbies that have a higher probability for accident or injury than other activities.  Examples of hazardous avocations include:
  • Automobile/motorcycle/boat racing
  • Hang gliding
  • Skydiving/parachuting
  • Scuba diving
  • Rock climbing
Activities like this should be identified during the insurance application process. Some carriers may decline coverage altogether, but others may attach an amendment rider excluding the avocation if the application is approved.

Carrier Incentives

Travel the World With Cenco!

Stay tuned for more carrier incentives.
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