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February 21, 2024

Make Sales To The Largest Generation

Tap into the opportunities in this fast-growing market and help Millennials find reliable protection for their goals. In this one-minute video, see why Millennials are some of the best prospects, and how Assurity can make it easy for you to make more sales.

Important Update: Web Address Changes For Connext And Customer Websites

As Corebridge Financial continues its transition from AIG Life and Retirement, the websites used by financial professionals and customers have moved to new addresses. Read more…

Be A Hero And Share How Life Insurance Can Be A Gift Of Love

All the budgeting in the world can’t help when real life gets in the way of your plans. When the air conditioner breaks down, the roof begins to leak or a loved one is involved in an auto accident are your clients prepared? Share the video with your clients today…

Open The Door For More Sales With A Beneficiary Review

Reviewing life changes with your clients can trigger positive conversations and lead to a healthy pipeline of prospects.  

Have your clients had any major life events since the last time you spoke to them?  
  • Do current life insurance products still meet the client’s needs?
  • Is the protection amount enough?
  • Is the information on the policies current?
Time to check in…

Start 2024 Strong! Athene FIA Commission Bonus

To thank you for your business and all you do to help your clients retire with confidence, Athene is offering a 50 basis point (bp) bonus on all Athene fixed indexed annuity (FIA) sales in the IMO channel through March 31, 2024.  Read more…

To All Corebridge Life Producers

As many of you are aware, Corebridge has been implementing a new and improved admin system over these few weeks.  During the transition, Connext is experiencing intermittent outages.  For those of you wanting to do an e-App when Connext is down, don’t forget you can always do the same iGo application by logging in to Cenco’s website and selecting “Start an e-App” or also when using “Get a Quote”.
Check Out the Cenco Website At And Submit Your e-Applications for Multiple Insurers.

Annuity Corner

Save Your Clients Money With Guarantees

CDs are popular for those wanting a safe, low-risk way to save money.  A posted 10/22 Bankrate average for a 3-year CD was .98% and is income taxable.  A 3-year Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA) offers 4.7% and is not currently taxable. Which one would be better for your client?

Help strengthen your client’s relationship with you. Check the rates below and contact Cenco for the most current rates for any available time periods. Your clients will be glad you did, and so will you.

Don’t miss the chance to solidify your client relationships with the best MYGA rates including
some recently updated California rates:
  • A Top 2-year rate – 4.90%
  • A Top 3-year rate – 4.95%
  • A Top 4-year rate – 5.05%
  • A Top 5-year rate – 5.10%
  • A Top 6-year rate – 5.15%
For more information and carrier details contact your Cenco support team.
MYGA Rates Are Decreasing! 
Call Cenco For More Information at (916) 920-5251

DI Did You Know

How To Target Millennials For IDI Sales

The millennial generation is a profitable but underserved market for IDI sales.  This group has more to protect than previous generations at the same age and may have potential gaps in their disability coverage.  Recent graduates in law and medicine can be good prospects.  Check out the flyer…

Carrier Incentives

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