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April 30, 2024

Here’s Where To Make Life Sales - Focus On The Women’s Market: Life

Grow your life sales by reaching a market with a huge need for coverage – women. In just one minute, learn why you can’t overlook this market and see how Assurity can help you make more life sales. 

Campaign in a Box: Your Virtual Marketing Assistant

Consider Corebridge’s Campaign In A Box tool to be your “virtual marketing assistant,” with all the ready-made promotions you need to mount a comprehensive campaign.  All you need to do is copy and paste!

Help Clients Get MORE From Less For Retirement Income

A Power Series Index Annuity issued with the Lifetime Income Choice guaranteed living benefit rider provides high initial withdrawal rates of up to 9.00% (ages 75+, single life) under the Max Income option.  Read more…

Offer Easy Accidental Death Coverage

With accidents as the leading cause of death for young adults, fast-growing Accidental Death Insurance is an easy way to bring coverage to the next generation of clients or those declined for life sales. In just one minute, learn why flexible built-in features make Accidental Death Insurance a great choice for sales growth.

Managing When and How You Are Taxed

There are many ways your clients can set aside money for retirement. How they allocate their money may help enhance their retirement distributions by adjusting how and when they are taxed.

Walk your clients through The Tax Dilemma flyer to help them see if adjustments can help provide greater control of the taxes they pay.

Protective Indexed Choice UL – An IUL That Delivers What’s Expected

Insurance regulations are being scrutinized in hopes to curb the often unrealistic rates IULs promise. That’s because the probability of them performing like the illustration outlines could be unlikely – even though interest bonuses and multipliers may look great on paper. Instead offer an IUL that’s different by design – Protective Indexed Choice UL. Read more…

To All Corebridge Life Producers

As many of you are aware, Corebridge has been implementing a new and improved admin system over these few weeks.  During the transition, Connext is experiencing intermittent outages.  For those of you wanting to do an e-App when Connext is down, don’t forget you can always do the same iGo application by logging in to Cenco’s website and selecting “Start an e-App” or also when using “Get a Quote”.
Check Out the Cenco Website At And Submit Your e-Applications for Multiple Insurers.

Annuity Corner

Save Your Clients Money With Guarantees

CDs are popular for those wanting a safe, low-risk way to save money.  A posted 10/22 Bankrate average for a 3-year CD was .98% and is income taxable.  A 3-year Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA) offers 4.7% and is not currently taxable. Which one would be better for your client?

Help strengthen your client’s relationship with you. Check the rates below and contact Cenco for the most current rates for any available time periods. Your clients will be glad you did, and so will you.

Don’t miss the chance to solidify your client relationships with the best MYGA rates including
some recently updated California rates:
  • A Top 2-year rate – 5.35%
  • A Top 3-year rate – 5.40%
  • A Top 4-year rate – 5.55%
  • A Top 5-year rate – 5.50%
  • A Top 6-year rate – 5.70%
For more information and carrier details contact your Cenco support team.
MYGA Rates Are Increasing! 
Call Cenco For More Information at (916) 920-5251

DI Did You Know

All Disabilities Can Fit Into One Or All Of the Following Categories:

  • Loss of Use – Presumptive:  Permanent loss of eyesight, hearing or speech, use of hands and/or feet.
  • Loss of Ability – Total: Inability to perform substantial and material duties of one’s regular occupation.  Typical causes are heart attacks, stroke or back-related injuries.
  • Loss of Income – Partial: Loss of income due to inability to do all duties, or ability to do some duties for less time or less effectively.  Partial disability may result from conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.

Carrier Incentives

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