Life Insurance from

Corebridge Partners Group

(formerly AIG Partners Group)

Industry Leader in Living Benefits


  • Industry topping generous agent bonus available for higher total compensation for easy to achieve production.
  • Annual agent conventions to top vacation destinations
  • Industry leading Quality of Life (QOL) living benefits built into all policies.
  • Exclusive rider offerings including enhanced Accelerated Benefits, ROP, lifetime income options from both account value and full death.
  • Industry leading streamlined fast Agile Underwriting program (AU+)
  • Income for Life rider
  • Perm - Industry leading Protection, Accumulation, income distribution and Guaranteed Death Benefit with guaranteed Return of Premium (ROP)
  • Term - Choose from eighteen different term durations from 10 to 35 years
  • Term convertible to all permanent products
  • Very unique rider that can be used to pay for long term care chronic illness costs.